The Environmental Technology Group (ETG) was formed in 1994 to provide a full range of expert consulting, environmental, engineering and science services to business, government and attorneys.  All of our highly experienced staff members have more than 25 years of experience in their areas of expertise, and have held key positions in consulting or governmental organizations.  William Seevers and Albert Machlin have been involved in many major environmental engineering projects in the past 30 years and are authors of the recently published "Handbook of Complex Environmental Remediation Problems" and The Plain Language Guide to Sanitary Sewer Overflows: A Brief Introduction to the Basics of SSOs and What you Can Do to Eliminate Them.

By matching the skills of experts to the exact needs of the project, ETG provides an important and unique service.  We invite you to call us at 631-232-2083 to discuss how we can meet your need for expert services.

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